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Everything! In fact through our Validate process we have helped many clients hone their thinking to the point they are challenging existing category norms or creating entirely new categories. James and Jen have a plethora of deep experience across all industries, services and NFPs.

That’s totally fine! Whilst we love being fully immersed in our clients journey we are also happy to work. on one specific section. Be it UX design thinking, a go-to-market strategy or consumer testing we can create a solution that works for you.

When we are brought onboard early we can help finesse and fine-tune your thinking to be investor-sharp and help you understand the business you are really in, and create a brand that shines as brightly as your idea.

We are passionate about providing the essential elements so you can manage budgets at each stage; lean, agile and efficient. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We are passionate about collaboration. We actively encourage our clients to meet up and share learnings, tips and success stories. When you work with Raise you will access a community of likeminded entrepreneurs.