Research, Ideation, Design, Development, Brand and Business Consulting all nestled under one roof.


Sleeves rolled up

We are ‘can do’. Whatever it takes; we’re for limbo-flexibility, give it a go, all in together.

Trousers rolled up

We are ‘jump in’. New experiences, new ideas, try, be brave, go for it.

Hand on heart

We are decent. Care for each other, care for the job, care for the journey. Do it all… the right way.

Puppy Dog Eyes

We are passionate. Immerse in the challenge, be curious, seek answers, share and spread the word.

Jen Peace


Jen has over 25 years experience as Managing Director and Marketing Director roles as well as extensive private consulting. Her happy place is bringing challenger brands to life, driving sound go-to-market, brand and business strategy. 

James sutton


For the past 15 years James has been a key part of large scale customer experience and research projects in London and Sydney. Helping drive insights and design, James helps small to large enterprise clients understand their customer base and business needs.